Production Planning

We assist with production planning, budgeting, and scheduling. We will read your concept script and advise you on a convenient time and cost-effective ways to shoot in Morocco in a luxurious style and work in an artistic atmosphere.


Morocco contains an infinite variety of landscapes that have its own charm and unique natural richness. We Saad Films have the largest gallery of all kinds of locations that make it easy to find the perfect location for your shooting.


We have great relationships with different authorities that can push through complex filming permits faster than what you can imagine. We assist with permits of all kinds; we know what is needed and how to get it.


We hire the best-experienced crew who assisted in the making of great and big world nominated films. Our crew members know how to turn screenplays into a screen with a reasonable and at a moderate daily cost.


For the value of the director’s vision, we organize casting sessions and auditions to keep you in touch with well-connected talents and extras casting directors. We usually offer a database that no doubt will answer your requests.

Equipment Rental

We have excellent relationships with all the leading rental house owners that can help you fulfill your rental needs in advantageous conditions. All that you need to do is to give us a list of required materials. You ask, and we perform.


We hire the best caterers who will offer luxury catering services that you will not dare check the call sheet for mealtimes. With national and international menus, we make sure your crew will not work with an empty stomach.